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How to Clear Mac Cache - Fast and Easy

Clearing cache on Mac PC is one of the best ways to make it faster. If you have iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, then just follow the given recommendations to delete unwanted temporary files and scripts from your computer hard drive. Let’s see how to clear Mac cache to speed up or free up extra space. 

What is Cache and Why Should You Clear it

What is Cache

It is basically a way of storing small files that may contain data that will kind of improve the time that it is grabbed from a server or somewhere like your PC or Mac to make it load a little bit faster and reduce latency.

So for instance let's say you go to some web site in a browser it may cache that data so it can grab the information quicker next time you go to it rather than having everything to load.
Now this is very effective when it comes to things like images. Facebook does cache some of their images on their websites. So next time you go, it doesn't take as long to pull that data from their server.

Why Should You Clear it

All files you actually accumulate a lot over time, take up your storage space.  So instead of speeding things up, these cache files slow down your Mac. 

When you try remove or uninstall a program from your Mac it actually doesn't go away the cache file just in case you end up using it again.

So we're going to go ahead and check out how to remove those temporary unwanted files and scripts from your Mac cache. 

Reclaim Space on Your Mac

You can free up the memory space in Mac in two ways. Either opt for manual step-by-step option or use smart cleaning software.

The manual way is bit tangled because here you have to do everything carefully and manually. But using the cleaning utility, the whole process to clean cache on Mac is quite simple and time saving.

So right now if want to clear cache on a Mac then we recommend you opt for a smart cleaning software. It is Fast & Easy. This cache cleaning method will optimize your Mac speed and boost its working performance.

Okay, let’s dive in and see how to Clear Mac Cache manually!

How to Clear Mac Cache Manually

You have to follow 2 Steps to clean Mac Cache. Have a look at these steps in detail below:

Step 1:

If you're a big fan of shortcuts make sure you're on your desktop and hit command shift G to open the go-to folder or if you're not familiar with these types of shortcuts then just go to the Main Menu > GO and > Go To Folder.

  1. Here type the given path in the Go To Folder: ~/Library/Caches
  2. In Caches folder, you'll see bunch of different types of files. So here just select all of these with Command A
  3.  Move all selected files to the Trash or delete them.
  4. Empty Trash
Now you have to do one more thing to delete hidden files!

Step 2:

Some temporary unnecessary files are still available in caches folder. So to delete them, under the devices section, you have to select Hard Drive Name.

  1. Click on Hard Drive Name (Default Name: Macintosh HD unless you've changed).
  2. Go to Library Folder.
  3. Go to Caches Folder.
  4. Select all files with Command G.
  5. Move All Files to Trash (if Necessary then Enter Password to Delete All).
  6. Empty Trash.

Note: If you don't see hard drive, you can go to the finder section and go to preferences and under finder preferences you can make sure that under devices hard disks is selected.  If hard disks is unchecked then checked it!

So guys, that's how you can clean the cache of your Mac manually. 

As we discussed earlier, Mac Cache can also be cleaned using utility software. If you don’t want to clean cache manually, then opt for system cleaning software.

Here’s why should you use cleaning software instead of manual practice!!

How to Clear Cache on Mac Using Utility Software

The manual method is bit time consuming because you have to search all over your Mac to find and remove cache files yourself. Sometimes, it is very difficult to judge which file we should keep in cache folder or which should not.

This practice could damage the applications and stop the work process. So to avoid these things, we always use cleaning utility.

The cleaning utility works fine on all systems, including the latest launched macOS Sierra. You can download this software for free here and try. If it works as per your expectations then you can go for premium version also.

The cleaning software deletes only unnecessary files. It deletes unwanted files, junk folder, cookies, browser cache, and system cache safely in just one click.  

It is fast and simple to use! That’s why experts recommend this method. Here are the steps to clean Mac cache using utility:
  1. Launch The Utility.
  2. Select System Junk.
  3. Click "Scan" and then “Clean”!!
This way, you can remove more junk from your Mac and also you can reclaim more space than manual methods. So guys, always prefer this method to clean up Mac.

Final Words

That’s how to clear Mac cache fast and easy. After clearing cache on Mac you will definitely see a bit of improvement as far as speed goes. 

These practices will make your Mac faster than ever!

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