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10 Best Ways to Speed up Mac Performance [Strongly Recommended]

Plenty of wrong practices may slow down your Mac. But by applying some PC optimization tips, you could easily speed up mac performance in no times.  

You can clean up the extra unnecessary occupied Hard Disk space and also free up the valuable resources. Here I have shared, the most popular and recommended ways to speed up Mac performance without spending a cent!

10 Recommended Tips to Speed up Mac Performance

Earlier I shared about Mac cache cleaning, which is one of the best ways to speed up your Mac performance. But there are the other ways also…

So let’s dive in to check out the other methods that you can use to optimize Mac speed.  These tips are strongly recommended, because all these have been shared by the mac user and experts!

#1. Update Software or Applications

If you get any new update related to software or applications then don’t ignore them. The new updates come with better features and upgrades. It enhances your PC performance and also increases the application loading speed.  

The updated version also fixes many bugs and provides smooth operations. So whenever, you receive notifications related to software update then just update it regularly!

#2. Update / Upgrade New OS

Like the software updates, you should also update the latest version of OS. The updated versions provide more security and improved functionality.  

This also solves your speed related issues and you can run the latest computer programs smoothly without any glitch.

#3. Go for SSD (Avoid HDD)

Hardware is also must to increase PC speed. By replacing your HDD with new SSD drive you can speed up booting time, shut down and application loading.

The SSD will give new wings to your PC and you can do more in less time. If you are interested, then you can buy one SSD for your PC from Amazon.

#4. Clean Mac Cache Regularly

The best way to speed up mac is… just erase its cached data. By deleting the cache, you can free up the lot of space and this practice will make your pc fast.

For cleaning cache, you can use the cleaning utilities or CCleaner. This will clean all unwanted files or occupied memory space in just one click. 

#5. Remove Unnecessary Apps

Many people keep unnecessary stuff on their PC. If you find any app or any kind of stuff that you don’t need any longer then it is better to delete them.

Just keep the necessary stuff and delete the other as soon as possible. This practice will clear a lot of hard disk space which you can use for other things. 

#6. Remove Malwares Using Malware Removal

Malwares affects your pc working and sometimes it slows your PC operations. Due to this, sometimes pc consumes more powers and shows poor performance. 

So if you get any sign of malwares, then it is better to use the known malware removal programs or utilities to remove them.

Never try to remove the malware yourself because you could damage your PC. 

#7. Always Install Trusted Companies’ Apps

Third party apps and softwares are not good for your PC health. These untrusted apps could damage you operating system, slow down the pc, and also mess up with other applications.  

These apps also steal your precious information from back doors and in future you could pay for that!
So it is recommended that, whenever you need an app try to download and install it from authorized companies. 

The authorized company app will never mess up with your PC and you will always get smooth glitch free operations. 

#8. Don’t Install Untrusted Browsers’ Extensions

Sometime we use browser extension to extend the functionality of a browser. You could find the browsers’ extensions in Mozilla Firefox, Chrome etc. 

If you use the untrusted browsers’ extensions, then these might steal your information + the programming scripts could eat your PC sources. 

These untrusted extensions scripts will slow down all operations and you would be unable to do anything!

Just keep in mind that, never install the extensions from untrusted sources. Wherever you need an extension, try to install the extension from known or trusted sources. 

#9. Use Cleaners to Free up Occupied Space

Cleaners are the best way to free up the unnecessary occupied space. If you are unable to clean everything manually then go for the CCleaner. 

It is trusted cleaning software for mac PCs, cleans all unwanted space from your hard drive in just one click.

#10. Empty Trash Regularly

Many people forgot to erase data from Trash / Recycle Bin. If you haven’t deleted the data from trash then delete them now.

Keep your Trash empty and this will boost your mac speed.

So if you have a Mac PC at your home, then don’t forget to follow the above tips to increase its speed. 

Try all ways to speed up Mac performance!

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