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Try These Mac Disk Cleanup Apps to Free Up Space and Speed Up Device

Mac disk cleanup utility is a good option to delete unwanted cached and hidden data. It not only removes the unwanted stuff from your PC but also speeds it up. You can find many disk cleaning apps online to free up the disk space. 

But here are the selected ones…

Try these mac disk cleanup apps which will free up space, remove the unwanted / junk files carefully and also speed up device.

Best Mac Disk Cleanup Apps to Free Up Space and Speed

Mac Disk Cleanup Applications to Remove Junk Files / Directories

Unwanted cached data, files, directories, and other stuff eat the disk memory and slow down the PC speed. So to save the hard disk space and to boost Mac speed, you should try the following Mac Disk Cleanup Apps.

#1. cCleaner [Recommended]

CCleaner for Mac is one of the best and recommendable programs to clean up disk space. It clears the system and browser cached data in just one click and also frees the ton of memory from system. 

This utility program protects your privacy and makes your Mac faster and more secure. You can Download CCleaner Pro and unlock many cool features like real time monitoring, premium support and automatic updates. 

For safe browsing many experts recommend the CCleaner because it erases your browser search history and permanent or temporary cookies so any internet browsing you do stays confidential and your identity remains anonymous. 

Its free version finds the junk files and removes them but if you need more features like safe browsing, real time monitoring, premium support then we recommend cCleaner Pro version.

#2. Dr. Cleaner

When it comes to clean up Mac, dr. cleaner knows best. It scans everything of your system to move tons of junk files in just one click. Dr. cleaner offers 2 clean apps - quickly and deeply.

When you launch Dr. cleaner for the first time, simply pick CLEAN and you are on the way to quickly clean your machine. You can also use the deep clean function to free more disk space.

This utility software scans Application caches, browser caches, iTune temporary files, mail caches, trash can etc. It finds the junk files and removes them to free disk space. This practice frees lot of occupied disk space.

You can try it for free and unlock the extra features like app uninstaller and duplicate files finder by paying $14.99 only.  The pro version costs half of CleanMyMac!

#3. Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate files take a lot of space in your system. So to remove these files and folders you can use the duplicate file finder utility. This software checks each and every file, finds the duplicate files on your system and lets you delete them. 

Its latest version is improved and optimized for macOS High Sierra and you can even delete hidden duplicates also. 

#4. CleanMyMac 3

It is #no 1 disk cleaning app and far better than CCleaner and Dr Cleaner. It is fully compatible with macos high sierra. Using this application you can free the valuable disk space and also optimize the Mac speed.

This application works fast and it offers a great combination of useful features with a super sleek interface. Its UI is very simple to use. You can remove the system junk, photos junk, iTune junk very quickly. 

Its powerful algorithm scans the unwanted data, junk files, duplicate files, evil scripts, and untrusted sources and removes them in just one click. 

You can also use the app to optimize startup items, remove web browser extensions, and a lot more. This program also notifies you to keep your Mac protected. 

No doubt, this is a great and well featured packed best Mac Disk Cleanup utility but for this you have to pay USD $40.00 for single system license which is quite higher than the other applications. 

If you are just an average user then we don’t recommend the CleanMyMac 3. It’s better to opt for other apps like CCleaner Pro which is available in $24.99. 

#5. Drive Genius 5

Here is the last one in our list named Drive Genius 5. This utility not only cleans the disk space but also protect your system against potential disk errors, crashes, failure, and now malware. So if you have been looking for a disk cleaning app that also works against the malware and threats then you should give it a try.

The con of this utility is that it is not free. You have to pay $79 for single standard license and for pro version you have to pay $299 which quite higher than the other Mac Disk Cleanup Apps discussed above.


So guys these are the Mac disk cleanup utilities that will clean the ton of things from your PC and also boost the MAC speed. If you are running low on storage and you need PC optimization then try any one of the above application. 

We recommend cCleaner – It cleans cached data, clear browsers' cookies, unwanted files, and all unnecessary junk stuff in just one click. Also this utility program is affordable than other branded programs.

If you have any question then comment below and don't forget to share these 5 best Mac disk cleaning apps on social sites.


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