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How to free up Space on Mac?

Lack of free storage slows down the Mac speed. So if you want to know how to free up Space on Mac without any utility program easily and quickly then have a look at the different ways to free up space on Mac and ultimately solve the start-up disk full error!  

How to free up Space on Mac

How to free up Space on Mac / MacBook Air and MacBook Pro?

Disk space is necessary to store the valuable data like OS, software, images, files, and videos. Without, disk space we can’t store the data and we can’t get it. 

Why free up Space on Mac?

This disk space is an important thing on PC because it saves a lot of information. But the bad thing is that the more occupied disk space slows down the PC speed and also sometimes not good for PC working.

The occupied disk space degrades the PC performance and it shows delays during opening and closing of applications. 

So when we face these types of problems on Mac, then it’s right time to delete the unwanted things – files, folder etc. This practice optimizes the PC and you can see a big difference in PC speed.

So if have been looking for the best solutions to free up disk space on Mac, then keep reading this post below and get all the tips to free up disk space manually and quickly.

How do I free up disk space on my Mac?

Well, if you want to clean up the disk space on Mac and also want to speed it up then you have to do few things on daily or weekly basis.  So let’s dive in see how to free up space on Mac manually and quickly.

#1. Delete Unwanted Audio, Video, and Images

Many people keep the outdated stuff on their PC. So, if you have kept them on your PC or did use them for a long time then delete them.  This practice saves lots of GB and finally you get a big free space for you upcoming work.

You can also go for the selected stuff. So here, whatever you need just keep it and delete rest of the things for you PC disk.

#2. Delete System Cached Data / Temporary Files

The temporary files and system cached data eats a lot of space and slows down the PC speed. So if delete them then you not only create more space for applications but also optimizes the Mac speed. 

So it is better to delete these temporary system files and cached data once or twice in a week. This will free up a lot of disk space and you get good smooth lag free performance without any software of hardware upgrades.

#3. Don’t Forget to Delete Browser’s Cached Data

The biggest mistake that every people do, they never delete the browsers cached data – cookies, history and other temporary stuff. So if have been using the Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other browser then don’t forget to delete the cached data, cookies and other temporary stuff. 

This will delete all temporary cached js fields, css files and images.  And in the end, you get GBs of free disk space without using any utility program. 

#4. Remove Duplicate Files or Unwanted Backups

Sometimes people create a copy of file(s) to send or transfer and later they forget to delete them. So if you have created any copy or clone, then it’s time to delete these kinds of Duplicate files.

Duplicate files are useless and it occupies unnecessary disk space. So if you ever find a copy or clone then it is better to delete the duplicates or clones.

Many developers also take the backup. So if you are a developer then just keep the recent copy of the backup and delete the outdated copy to save the disk space.

#5. Permanently Delete the Stuff from Trash

This is the thing that you should do after deleting the files and folder. Whatever you delete, everything comes in trash which again takes the disk space. So the things that you delete, you should also delete them from the trash. 

Go and visit the trash and empty it. This will delete all files and folders permanently from you system.

So friends, these are the basic 5 ways that you should apply once or twice in a week. This will free up a lot of disk space and you don’t need to use any kind of paid app. 

Do All these in Just One Click [Permanently]

Well, if you want more disk space and want to clean you PC junks, duplicate files, system cached data and browsers cached permanently and quickly in just one click then go for cCleaner. 

This cCleaner utility will delete unwanted stuff like temporary files, cookies and cached data in just on single click and also provide tips to optimize the PC speed.

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