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My Mac is Running Slow - 10 Reasons and Solutions

Why is my mac so slow all of a sudden? Why my mac is running slow? If you have been looking for the reasons and their respective solutions then checkout the 10 reasons and 10 ways to sort out the speed related issues on Mac. 

Here I will discuss why it happens and how you can speed up the Mac speed by applying some smart tricks and tips. So let's dive in and see the common reasons for slow Mac.

My Mac is Running Slow: 10 Reasons and Solutions

There may be several reasons for Mac being slow. I'll talk about the common reasons that affect the Mac speed and hence sometime you may feel that your Mac isn't working properly and showing delay while performing each and every operation.

So here are some of the reasons that slow down the Mac speed.  Check out these 10 reasons and also consider the solutions for better speed optimization on Mac devices.

#1. Outdated Operating System

Outdated Operating Systems slows down the PC speed and also increases the security risks. An outdated OS doesn't fit with the other latest applications and due to poor optimization or lack of compatibility it delays every operation. So if you get any updated regarding OS, then just update it or always use the latest version of OS. 

#2. Hard Drive Getting Full

It is bad habit to keep the hard drive full. The nearly full hard drive or unwanted occupied space makes the PC speed slow. In full hard disk it is difficult to search every file or folder.

The chances of opening applications get increased. So it is better to keep the hard drive free. More free space is better and it optimizes the searching speed also.

If don't need the applications, files, folder then just delete these applications from your Mac time to time to keep the hard disk space free.  In short, Light Load = Maximum Speed!

#3. Unwanted Files or Cached Data 

Unwanted files take the unnecessary space and slow down the machine performance. This unwanted files get created by system when the cache the request. These cached requests get bigger time to time and occupies the hard drive space. Sometimes the size of these types of files comes in GB.

So here it is necessary to delete them and you can achieve this thing via the utility programs. Using cCleaner you can delete these temporary junk files and optimize the PC speed. 

#4. Outdated Hardware Not Compatible

Updated hardware is best for the latest applications. The new high end eye attracting featured packed applications demand more memory and a powerful processor. So if your PC hardware is outdated and doesn't support the latest applications fully then it may show some speed related problems like delay in opening application, problems in frames(skipping frames) etc. 

#5. Unnecessary Browser Junk

A Browser caches data like images and cookies every time when you browse a website. So when this happens then one day these cached data get bigger and occupy the unnecessary disk space.  This eats unwanted resources of PC and result into the poor performance.

So it is mandatory to clear Mac cache time to time. You can clear browser Cache including the System cache using a utility software quickly and easily. 

#6. Overloaded Desktop

One of another bad habit is the overloaded Desktop. I have seen many people's desktop loaded with icon, files, and folder. These desktop things consume the processor power and also take the RAM and in few minutes you can see the slowness in your PC speed. This overloaded desktop take up a lot more system resources and seriously slow down your Mac!

If really want to maintain the PC speed then your desktop should be clean or should contain few daily use icons.  

#7. Outdated Software & Applications

Like the outdated OS, the outdated applications are the enemy for the PC speed. These outdated applications don't know how to use the hardware properly. The lack of optimized algorithms shows the poor performance.

So if you need a fast Mac then don't forget to upgrade the applications to the latest version.

#8. Background Running Applications

Like the mobile background applications, it is necessary to close them time to time. A background application always uses the processor power and takes the memory. 

When you’ve got too much running in the background, your Mac can’t even handle simple tasks. So if you don't need, then just close them and save the resources for other applications.

#9. Prolonged use with Restart

When you use a thing for a long time - for a day, for a week without shutting it down then these may degrade the PC performance and you can see some speed related issues in your computer working. This happens because you don't shut you PC down for a long time. So it is always necessary to shut it down once in a day

This habit clears all the cache and reset the other things and also optimizes the speed.

#10. Lack of Memory (RAM) 

Lack of RAM in system could be the major reason of a slow Mac.  It’s possible that you simply don’t have enough RAM to use your Mac at optimal speeds for your usage patterns. Less memory in your Mac degrades the performance.

So if you run out of RAM and need better speed then just upgrade it. For an average user 4GB RAM is enough and if you use heavy applications then consider replacing your Mac RAM with 8GB or 16GB.

So guys these are the reasons for a slow Mac.

If you want to keep your Mac speed fast then don't forget he above tips. These tips will surely help in Mac speed optimization. 

For better optimization, you prefer the cCleaner. This utility program deletes all unwanted PC junks, cached data and also notifies to how to boost Mac speed?

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