Saturday, 27 October 2018

5 Tweaks to Improve Mac Performance up to 3X!

Everybody wants to improve Mac performance. So guys here are some tips that will boost Mac speed up to 3X and finally you can see a big improvement in your Mac performance.

If you apply these tips regularly (on daily or weekly basis) then this practice will increase Mac’s overall life and your old Mac will work as New Mac. So let’s dive and see what you can do to improve mac performance up to 3X!

5 Tips to Improve Mac Performance

#1. Remove Trail Softwares or Untrusted Applications

Many times you install the trail softwares or untrusted applications. So if you have any trail or untrusted application on your Mac then just remove them because untrusted apps may consume processor power for bitcoins mining.

These apps eat RAM, processor powers and take a lot of space on Hard disk. So if you find any app (unnecessary or useless), then just remove them from system immediately and use the processor power or RAM for other applications!

#2. Update OS and Applications Regularly

Every update brings something new for the users and it works better with the current hardware. New updates come with betterment and their optimized algorithms boost the PC speed and saves lot of time.

It has been seen that the updated version consumes less power and perform better than the outdated applications!

So if you get any notification regarding the applications or OS new update – Hi OS new version is available! then just update it to the latest and you can see some a big performance jump in your PC speed.

#3. Use SSD Instead of HDD

Hard disk drive is much slower than the SSD. So if you can buy SSD, then don’t waste the time. SSD is one of the best options to increase Mac speed.

SSD is like memory card but with high read & write capacity. It is much faster than a normal HDD and provides better performance and reliability over an HDD. So if you can purchase an SSD then we recommend Samsung’s SSD which is available in 250GB, 500GB etc.

SSD deliver dramatic performance gains compared to mechanical hard drives!

#4. Use a Professional Cleaning Software

Cleaning programs clean a lot of things from your system’s hard drive and these kind of utilities free up a lot of disk space in few minutes + increase the overall system performance in no times.

So the cleaning softwares clean the junk files, temporary files, duplicate stuffs, hidden files, and unnecessary things in just one go. Even these utilities clear the system cached data, browsers’ cookies, browsers’ cached data in just one single click.

So using a single utility program like cCleaner you can free up the precious disk space and also improve Mac performance. 

#5. Reduce Login Items

If your Mac is slow to boot up, the problem may be that there are too much applications to launch at startup. It's likely you never set them to launch at startup - they launch by default. 

So to solve this problem…

  • Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups and then click on the Login Items tab to see a list of the apps that open when you boot your Mac.
  • Highlight the apps you don't want to open at startup and click the minus-sign button below the list of apps.

So these are the 5 tweaks to improve Mac performance up to 3x. Apply them and don’t forget to share it with others on social sites!

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