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Lets Understand What are Junk Files on Your System

Well guys, if you want to know what are junk files and how these files affect your PC performance then keep reading this post till end and find out what are junk files on Your System and why should you delete them regularly?

What are Junk Files on Your System

What are Junk Files?

So guys, a PC contains a lot of files of different types and in that type of files, some files are useless which have no use or you can say that these type of files aren’t further required

These useless, secret, or unnecessary files just eat the hard disk space and also slow down the PC performance. 

So, the files you haven’t used for a long time and just occupying the hard disk space – are called junk files.

Here are some examples of junk files:

Files that you have not used for a long time.
Unnecessary attached files with e-Mails or software patch.
Temporary files that have been created by system are also known as junk.
Duplicate files are a clear example of junk. So keep one and delete other.
Useless Hidden or Secret files are also treat as the garabdge.
Any types of Extra files are commonly known as Junk.

So guys these are some examples of junk files that occupy a lot space on your system and affect the PC performance badly.

Now the questions are - what are the sources of junk files? How do they enter in system and affects the PC performance? 

How do these Junk Files come?

Junk files have a lot sources and if you don’t care then they could damage your system also degrades the system performance.

Here are some of the sources of junk files…

During Downloading of Software, these files could enter in your System.
Copy & Paste content from Pen Drive, Memory Card without Scanning.
During the installation, these file could be created in your system.
Browsers create a lot of temporary or junk files when you surf things.
During working on or running an application, these files could be generated. 

So this is how junk files enter in your system.

If you ignore all these things, then in months these junk files start filling your hard disk. As your hard drive fills up, your computer has a harder time fetching the files. You also have to wait longer for your documents, music, and videos to open.

How to Delete the Junk Files?

To delete the junk files from system you can use the utility software like cCleaner or any other cleaning app. These cleaning utilities clean all junk from system in 5 to 10 minutes and also free up a lot hard disk space.

These utility programs delete all temporary files, duplicate files, hidden files, and also notify you time to time to increase the PC speed. 

You can also delete the junk files of your system manually by cleaning the system and browser cache. But the manually process doesn’t free up a lot of space and also it is time consuming + the deletion of wrong file could corrupt OS

So if you want to save the time, need more space, want to boost the speed and optimize the PC performance without any trouble, then we recommend the cCleaner. It is best cleaning utility to clean junks from system.

So guys, that’s all about junk files. I hope you understood!

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