Thursday, 14 February 2019

5 Best Mac Optimization Software to Increase Performance up to 5X

Mac optimization software is a best solution to tune up the Mac speed. This not only boosts your PC performance but also keep it secured from any spyware or viruses. So if you need a optimization software for your Mac then have a look at these 5 applications. 

Checkout the list of top 5 Mac cleaning apps one by one and pick the best one for your PC. These will definitely boost your Mac performance up to 5X!

5 Best Mac Optimization Software to Tune up Mac Speed

#1. cCleaner Pro

cCleaner pro is a best and cheap option to optimize a Mac device. This mac maintenance software has all boosting abilities that can increase you Pc speed in just one single click. It cleans all outdated stuff from your device harddisk in one go and make it light and powerful like a new one!

So if you need a lightweight, cheap cleaning program for your device with lifetime licence than the cCleaner pro would be the best option for your Macbook and Macbook bro. You can get its lifetime license in less than $30 only.

#2. CleanMyMac X

The another player is in the list is CleanMyMac X. This program offers a 30 days trial and after this you have to pay $89.95 for lifetime license.  This program is far better than cCleaner because it provides the security also.

Its smart scan feature not only finds the junk but also detects vulnerabilities and improves the efficiency of your Mac. So this software program cleans the pc junk, optimize it, protect it and last but not least… It speeds up your device!

#3. Dr. Cleaner PRO

Dr. Cleaner is a cleanup app that offers memory optimization, disk cleaning features. This app monitors the system regularly to keep the Mac optimized for its performance. 
It is designed to clean unnecessary files on a Mac with only a few clicks. Its pro version offers more attractive features and works as a separate app. Dr cleaner pro costs $19.99 USD for a one-time purchase on Mac App Store.

#4. AVG PC tune UP

AVG is a well know antivirus brand. For the pc optimization, Avg has a special application named PC tune up. This application cleans the PC junk and makes it faster. So those who are not aware of this, you can use the AVG PC tune up application to optimize your Mac speed.

So using the AVG cleaner for Mac, you can free up more space for more photos, movies, music & apps. It is simple and fast hard drive solution for your Mac devices.

#5. MacBooster

Macbooster is EASY to use, It's super-FAST, and has a BEAUTIFUL interface.

It is a famous cleaning and speed up app. This application secures your Mac device and also speeds it up. This software claims that it can boost your Mac to the peak performance. 

So like CleanMyMac X, this program cleans the junk, boost the speed and secure the device from malwares. It is not a mac storage cleaner, it is a protector also! 

Its lifetime plan will cost only $79.95 and you can use it on 3 Macs. So if you have more than 1 Macs then this is best saving app. Even you can buy it with your friend and this will cost only ~$27.

So these are the 5 best Mac optimization software that you can use for your Mac to boost the performance. Well if you liked the list then don’t forget to share it with your friends on social sites.


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