Monday, 4 March 2019

What can I do to speed up my Mac?

Many Apple users want to boost the Mac performance. So if you have been looking for an answer to this question - What can I do to speed up my Mac? then keep reading this post till end. 

In this article, I’ll answer how you can improve your Mac speed without installing any third party software. So let’ see..

What can I do to speed up my Mac

What can I do to speed up my Mac?

Well if you ever felt that your Mac is not fast as it was earlier then it is time to follow some rules. By applying these rules or recommendations you can make your Mac fast.

#1. Never use it in Dusty Environment

If you have been using your Mac in dusty or polluted environment, then don’t use it there. The polluted environment damages the hardware and circuits and due to this you never get fast results.

So try to keep it clean and always use in clean environment – at home or office. Don’t use it Outside!

#2. Upgrade Hardware & Software (including OS)

If necessary then upgrade the hardware and software. These upgrades boost the system speed and you get fast results on click. 

Software updates are also good from security point of view. The new updates upgrade the securities and make your system hack proof. 

#3. Clear the Browser and System Cache

Browers and system cache eat a lot of disk space and increase the work load. So it is better to delete them once in a week. This practice will free up a lot of disk space and also boost the Mac performance.

#4. Keep the Trash empty

After deleting system’s data (file, directories etc) many people forget to delete the trash of system. So if you are one of them… then keep it empty!

#5. Never install untrusted App

If you have installed an untrusted app on your system then remove it. These untrusted apps use the valuable resources of your system and slow it down. So if have installed it on your Mac then remove it... if not then it is best… never ever install these types of apps on your system.

So these are the 5 free things that you can do yourself to boost mac performance. Apply these and you can see a big speed improvement in your Mac.

If you can afford then Ccleaner is a best cleaning trusted applications available in market. This application cleans all unnecessary things from your system in minutes with 1 click.

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