Friday, 30 August 2019


5 Safest Cleaning Softwares to Clean up Your MAC

Everybody needs a powerful speedy PC to get the jobs done. So here are 5 safest cleaning softwares that you can use to clean up your MAC without upgrading the hardware. These softwares boost your MAC speed and also keep your precious data safe. So let's see what tools you can prefer for the speed optimization.

Clean up Your MAC

Clean up Your MAC with these Recommended Softwares

#1. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a very popular and powerful Mac-decluttering tool. It combines 3 jobs – clean up your Mac, boosts memory, and removes malware using one easy interface. 

You can also delete a large chunk of hidden files and memory problems using the CleanMyMac X software.  This tool does optimization job professional and that’s why this app is actually notarized by Apple.

Once you've downloaded and activated CleanMyMac X, get started with the Smart Scan tool. Here is how you tidy your Mac up:

  • Click Smart Scan.
  • Click Scan to find all of the junk files.
  • Click Run to remove them for good.

That’s it! 

CleanMyMac X rids your system of all the junk weighing it down with one-click cleaning opetion to get it running up to speed again. 

You can try it today to improve speed performances.

Its one-time license you can get in around $99 which seems a good deal.  During black Friday or Cyber Monday you can even purchase this premium and recommended tool in much cheaper rates.

#2. Drive Genius 5

Drive Genius is developed by Prosoft Engineering which will cost only $79 (up to 5 device). It performs several key functions for poorly performing Macs. It offers protection, clean up, and speed optimization features. 

Data Rescue 5 recognizes duplicates and save space. It optimizes and tidy up poorly performing files and other system areas that are causing macOS performance issues. 

This tool constantly scans for major issues before they become a problem. It checks the malware and also checks the hardware related problems like bad cable and bad connection. So if your system has any issue then this tool will guide you and boost the overall performance.

#3. Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor offers easy-to-use real time solutions that maintain your system and optimizes its performance. It scans 6 areas, fixes all possible errors and gives you the opportunity to fine-tune hidden preferences. 

Disk Doctor keeps checking for errors and junk files that pile up on the system. It is a small cleaning tool but a useful application that effectively cleans the junk files from hard drive. 

#4. AVG Cleaner for Mac 

AVG is a well know software brand. You may have heard about AVG for antivirus but this brand also offers cleaning utility. Its cleaning tool offers Disk cleaner and duplicate finder features.  So to clean junk files, trash, download history and logs using the disk cleaner feature.

If disk has duplicate files like pictures, video, music or any other text file, then the duplicate file feature will remove all the files from system a save a lot of disk space. This will help in speed optimization and increase the Mac speed.

AVG Cleaner for Mac is a simple yet very powerful tool and to top it all it is free of charge. So if you need a free tool for clean up then try this one.

#5. CCleaner

CCleaner for Mac is freemium and very popular tool. It comes with a free and professional version, focusing on businesses and business customers. The premium version of cCleaner comes with a lot more features, including real-time alerts, free updates, and dedicated support. 

CCleaner does well to identify unwanted files on a Mac, so that users can select and delete the files and folders they don't need to free up space. In addition to that, it keeps your browsing behaviour private and safe.

As a cleaner for Mac, customers are pretty happy with the results of CCleaner. You can get it paid version in just $10/month.

Well these are some best and trusted 5 safest cleaning softwares to clean up your Mac. Surely, you can clean up your Mac manually, but using dedicated software will save you tons of time.

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Saturday, 23 March 2019


How an OS update can optimize Mac performance?

An operating system update can optimize Mac performance up to 5X. If you haven’t updated your OS yet then it’s time to update it. An OS upgrade is extremely important for your system performance. 

An OS update fixes a lot of bugs and increases the security level of your system. A new update provides more optimized version which open the applications in faster way and also improves the battery performance.

OS update can optimize Mac performance

Optimize Mac performance by updating the OS

#1. More Optimized Code and Better Algorithms

Latest version always offers better optimization than the earlier versions. A new update provides more optimized algorithms which work fast and give the accurate results in very short time. 

Sometimes you can see the improvements in audio and video quality of a media file.  In addition to that you can see big improvements in battery performance as we have discussed below. 

#2.  Improves Battery Performance

As I said a new OS update comes with better optimized algorithms and codes. So in an updated OS… all these algorithms and codes execute in less time and consumes less battery. 

An optimized version of OS improves the power handling of the CPU, scheduling of threads and processes like more aggressively sleeping, or switching out cores when they are not needed.

The features like WiFi management, CPU hotplugging, Auto Brightness, handling of rogue apps, and CPU load balancing improves the battery life. Hence with new updated OS, you get better battery performance.

#3.  Better User Interface

Every new update provides a new user interface. This interface gives a lot of functionality to a user so the user can access each and every function of a system easily and quickly. So this new interface makes many things easy and hence you do the work in much faster way.

#4. Bugs and Error Free Performance

Sometimes bugs occur after testing phase or you can say that when a product is live then some bugs or issues come. These bugs slow down the working process. So it is necessary to fix these types of bugs on time.

Here when new version of OS is launched then all these errors have been fixed and error free software is delivered to customers.    Hence it is must to update the OS time to time when you get notification regarding OS new update. 

The new OS updated provides an error free performance!

#5.  Up-to-date Security 

Latest version always comes with up-to-date security. So whatever the loop holes present in outdated version… it gets removed in the latest version of an OS. 

If you don’t update your OS to next the level then you may put your PC security in big risk because an outdated security opens the door for hackers and they might use your computer resources for evil work.

So here a lot of resources or processor power will be used for unknown work which you won’t find easily. Also due to more consumption of resources, the PC performance gets slow down.

So whenever you get time, update OS… because a small update can save a lot of resources and information. Even you can increase you system performance without upgrading hardware.

So if you really want to optimize Mac performance then update PC Operating Software today. This will improve your system performance… a lot of bugs will be fixed and you also get up-to-date security which will protect your PC information from hackers.

Friday, 22 March 2019


DNS Cache Poisoning or DNS Spoofing

DNS Cache Poisoning is a new form of attack. Here the hackers put a wrong response in the Local DNS and when a user requests regarding a website then its request is forwarded to malicious website.

Local DNS is a DNS cache that is stored on client PC. When a user requests, then the local DNS is checked, and if the IP address is available then that website is shown to user. If IP address is not available then Master DNS is called.

This is the normal case where everything works fine. You send a request and it is fulfilled successfully without any issue. 

But what if your request has been redirected to any unknown site?

Example: you requested but after click the browser shows

So when this happens… it means your DNS cache has been poisoned and your security is at risk. This could infect your computer!

In other words, when a user enters the ‘correct’ name of the website, then his request is send to the wrong IP address, and specifically, to a phishing website as shown in screenshot below.

Here you can see hacker put the wrong IP address in DNS cache file. The is the IP address of an ‘unknownsite.’ So whenever a user request for then his request will be redirected to which is a malicious website.

So to solve this issue… flush DNS cache from your system. Here’s how to flush DNS cache in Mac OS.

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What is DNS Cache?

DNS cache or DNS resolver cache is a temporary database regarding the domains that we have visited recently. This cache contains all the recent visits and attempted visits to websites and other internet domains. 

All this is maintained by a computer's operating system in order to fix an internet connectivity issue. In simple words, all this is done so you don’t need to memorize the IP addresses of each website. 

The Purpose of a DNS Cache

On Internet, all network devices communicate with each other using an IP address. So if I talk about a website, then it has an IP… it is loaded on an IP. But as we can’t memorize each and everyone’s phone numbers… we can’t memorize the IP addresses of each and every website.

To solve this issue… DNS concept came and hence DNS cache.  

DNS keep all indexes. It has the website name and their IP.  So when you type a website name then DNS looks for the IP and fulfil your request. 

Here’s is a very simple example:
  1. You type > DNS will check the IP (here is the IP - 
  2. Now this will be called and as per your request the page will be displayed. 

So this is the concept of DNS, which keeps the record of every domain and upon call it calls the specific IP to fulfil the request.


What is the use of DNS Cache?

Up to here you know what DNS is, but you don’t know what the purpose of DNS cache is. Well guys… when you request a website… its IP will be checked and thereafter the request will be fulfilled.

Like: > DNS > > page will be displayed.

So here if you request the same website or page again then it will take again the same time or may be more. Again the DNS lookup process will be followed… IP will be checked and the requested page will be displayed.

It's a waste of time because we have to go through DNS lookup process for the same website again and again. 

What if we avoid DNS lookup process for the same website request?

Yes, it is possible using the DNS cache concept. Using DNS cache, we can request the IP address ( directly and fulfil the request in quick way. 

Keeping a local copy of a DNS lookup allows your OS or browser to quickly retrieve it and thus a website’s URL can be resolved to its corresponding IP much more efficiently.

Here are some benefits of DNS cache…

  1. Avoid DNS lookup process for same Website.
  2. IP locating time gets reduced.
  3. Also, it saves a lot of bandwidth.

The DNS caching has one well known disadvantage. This cache concept is used for redirecting devices to malicious websites. Sometimes this cache gets poisoned when unauthorized domain names or IP addresses are inserted into it. This is called DNS Cache Poisoning and to solve it we flush DNS from system.

So this is how the DNS cache works. If you have any questions, then don’t forget to share it on social sites.

Sunday, 10 March 2019


How to Flush DNS Cache in Mac OS?

DNS cache is a best approach to resolve website requests quickly and easily. But sometime this cache gets poisoned with unauthorized addresses. So to remove these unauthorized addresses we need to clear the DNS cache. So let see how to flush dns cache in Mac OS?

flush DNS cache in Mac OS

Flush DNS cache in Mac OS- Manually

Well, if you ever felt that the website requests are not working properly like you typed '' and the request has been redirected to an 'Unknown site' or on another domain then you have to clean you DNS cache.

When a website request has been redirected to another domain then it means the DNS cache has been poisoned and your computer security is at risk. 

So it is best to flush the DNS from system. Here is the best and manual way to delete the DNS cache from Mac PCs. Have a look at this process below...

Steps to Flush DNS cache in Mac OS

So to clean DNS cache manually you have to open the Terminal (step 1) and after that paste the following command as it is given in the step 2...

Step 1: Open the Terminal - Application > Utilities > Terminal
Step 2: Paste this command- 
sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder;sudo killall mDNSResponderHelper;sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

So this is the simple and manual way to delete DNS cache from Mac PCs. If you still feel that this process is bit time consuming then use a cleaning utility. We recommend cCleaner because its lifetime license is very cheap than Clean MyMac X.

A cleaning utility program clears all junk and cache files and free up a lot of disk space. So to maintain PC speed a cleaning utility is always recommended. 

So that’s all about… how to clear DNS cache form Mac. If you liked it then don’t forget to share it with others on social sites.

Monday, 4 March 2019


What can I do to speed up my Mac?

Many Apple users want to boost the Mac performance. So if you have been looking for an answer to this question - What can I do to speed up my Mac? then keep reading this post till end. 

In this article, I’ll answer how you can improve your Mac speed without installing any third party software. So let’ see..

What can I do to speed up my Mac

What can I do to speed up my Mac?

Well if you ever felt that your Mac is not fast as it was earlier then it is time to follow some rules. By applying these rules or recommendations you can make your Mac fast.

#1. Never use it in Dusty Environment

If you have been using your Mac in dusty or polluted environment, then don’t use it there. The polluted environment damages the hardware and circuits and due to this you never get fast results.

So try to keep it clean and always use in clean environment – at home or office. Don’t use it Outside!

#2. Upgrade Hardware & Software (including OS)

If necessary then upgrade the hardware and software. These upgrades boost the system speed and you get fast results on click. 

Software updates are also good from security point of view. The new updates upgrade the securities and make your system hack proof. 

#3. Clear the Browser and System Cache

Browers and system cache eat a lot of disk space and increase the work load. So it is better to delete them once in a week. This practice will free up a lot of disk space and also boost the Mac performance.

#4. Keep the Trash empty

After deleting system’s data (file, directories etc) many people forget to delete the trash of system. So if you are one of them… then keep it empty!

#5. Never install untrusted App

If you have installed an untrusted app on your system then remove it. These untrusted apps use the valuable resources of your system and slow it down. So if have installed it on your Mac then remove it... if not then it is best… never ever install these types of apps on your system.

So these are the 5 free things that you can do yourself to boost mac performance. Apply these and you can see a big speed improvement in your Mac.

If you can afford then Ccleaner is a best cleaning trusted applications available in market. This application cleans all unnecessary things from your system in minutes with 1 click.

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Thursday, 14 February 2019


5 Best Mac Optimization Software to Increase Performance up to 5X

Mac optimization software is a best solution to tune up the Mac speed. This not only boosts your PC performance but also keep it secured from any spyware or viruses. So if you need a optimization software for your Mac then have a look at these 5 applications. 

Checkout the list of top 5 Mac cleaning apps one by one and pick the best one for your PC. These will definitely boost your Mac performance up to 5X!

5 Best Mac Optimization Software to Tune up Mac Speed

#1. cCleaner Pro

cCleaner pro is a best and cheap option to optimize a Mac device. This mac maintenance software has all boosting abilities that can increase you Pc speed in just one single click. It cleans all outdated stuff from your device harddisk in one go and make it light and powerful like a new one!

So if you need a lightweight, cheap cleaning program for your device with lifetime licence than the cCleaner pro would be the best option for your Macbook and Macbook bro. You can get its lifetime license in less than $30 only.

#2. CleanMyMac X

The another player is in the list is CleanMyMac X. This program offers a 30 days trial and after this you have to pay $89.95 for lifetime license.  This program is far better than cCleaner because it provides the security also.

Its smart scan feature not only finds the junk but also detects vulnerabilities and improves the efficiency of your Mac. So this software program cleans the pc junk, optimize it, protect it and last but not least… It speeds up your device!

#3. Dr. Cleaner PRO

Dr. Cleaner is a cleanup app that offers memory optimization, disk cleaning features. This app monitors the system regularly to keep the Mac optimized for its performance. 
It is designed to clean unnecessary files on a Mac with only a few clicks. Its pro version offers more attractive features and works as a separate app. Dr cleaner pro costs $19.99 USD for a one-time purchase on Mac App Store.

#4. AVG PC tune UP

AVG is a well know antivirus brand. For the pc optimization, Avg has a special application named PC tune up. This application cleans the PC junk and makes it faster. So those who are not aware of this, you can use the AVG PC tune up application to optimize your Mac speed.

So using the AVG cleaner for Mac, you can free up more space for more photos, movies, music & apps. It is simple and fast hard drive solution for your Mac devices.

#5. MacBooster

Macbooster is EASY to use, It's super-FAST, and has a BEAUTIFUL interface.

It is a famous cleaning and speed up app. This application secures your Mac device and also speeds it up. This software claims that it can boost your Mac to the peak performance. 

So like CleanMyMac X, this program cleans the junk, boost the speed and secure the device from malwares. It is not a mac storage cleaner, it is a protector also! 

Its lifetime plan will cost only $79.95 and you can use it on 3 Macs. So if you have more than 1 Macs then this is best saving app. Even you can buy it with your friend and this will cost only ~$27.

So these are the 5 best Mac optimization software that you can use for your Mac to boost the performance. Well if you liked the list then don’t forget to share it with your friends on social sites.